Exhibit Hall.

Abrams Planetarium Lobby 1

The entrance of the Abrams Planetarium opens directly into the Exhibit Hall. The Exhibit Hall is an area approximately 3,000 square feet in size and is devoted to a series of exhibits, which are designed to supplement the demonstrations given in the Sky Theater.

Abrams Planetarium Lobby 2

The hall serves as an assembly area for visitors and students who are waiting to attend a show. The Exhibit Hall also contains a gift counter and the main offices used for day-to-day operations of the planetarium.

The Exhibit Hall has recently undergone renovations in order to modernize its appearance. Along with a new ceiling design, prominent displays such as the Earth and moon globes have been repositioned. Updated displays include a wall of photos highlighting some of the most stunning astronomical images taken in recent years.

Old Abrams Planetarium Lobby 1 Old Abrams Planetarium Lobby 2
Abrams Planetarium Lobby 3 Abrams Planetarium Lobby 4